Baby Photographer in Austin Tx | Annika turns 6 months!!

Six months has got to be the absolute cutest age ever and yes it totally gives me the baby itches. Now if only they would actually stay that perfect size with the cutest personalities. I absolutely love it, which is why being a baby photographer in Austin Tx is such an amazing perk!! I know I say that at almost every stage, but as soon as I get to photograph a 6 month session, I just fall in love all over again.

During bluebonnet season, I met this precious little girl for their family mini session, see HERE. When mom  booked Annika’s 6 month session, I was overjoyed! We decided on the perfect location for the session, a little trail that ended at this gorgeous watering hole. The location was an absolute Austin gem! During the hike, we stopped throughout at various spots to grab some photos and let the girls explore. Once we reached the watering hole, it was even better than I had imagined. The entire location was like our own private oasis. Finally to end the session, both girls wanted nothing else than to play in the water. It was the perfect way to end our session.


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